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Who was Rani Kamlapati? Railway Station named after the Gond Queen.

Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rani Kamlapati railway station is a world-class railway station renamed in the honor of the Gond Queen Rani Kamlapati. The railway station comprises all sorts of airport-like amenities such as air concourse, spacious hallway and delicious food court. However, the question still remains the same, who was Rani Kamlapati? 

Rani Kamlapati was the daughter of Kirpal Singh Sarautia, the king of then princely state Salakanpur, Sehore. She was a skilled horse rider, wrestler and archer and dedicatedly acted as a senapati and military official for her father’s military force. Rani Kamlapati was not just an intelligent courageous person but was compassionate too. She did a heartening, courageous act that sent chills down the spine of every individual who heard her story.

The Courageous Act of Rani Kamlapati

Rani Kamlapati was one of the seven wives of Ginnor’s Gond Warlord Nizam Shah son of Suraj Singh Shah who ruled the territory comprising the merger of 750 villages in the 16th century. Nizam Shah built a Kamlapati Mahal as a symbol of his love in 1722 which today is being preserved by the Archeological Survey of India. 

According to Source Chain Singh, cousin of Nizam Shah wanted to marry Rani Kamlapati and so in order to save her honor went into hiding with her 12 year-old-son and sought the help of the Afghan Leader Dost Mohammad Khan. Dost Mohammad Khan who was also caught in awe by Rani Kamlapati wanted to capture the princely state of Bhopal with her. To fight against the Afghan leader with angst, Rani Kamlapati’s son Nawal Shah raged a war against Dost Mohammad Khan in Lalghati in which he was killed. 


After which the Queen of Gond, Rani Kamlapati in order to save her honor took Jal Samadhi, drowning herself and all her wealth and jewelry in the river.

The station is named after such a versatile personality who deserves a versatile world-class environment, therefore now revamped Rani Kamlapati railway station (RKMP) previously Known as the Habibganj railway station is undoubtedly the best private railway station in India. It is truly Naye Bharat ka Naya Railway Station.