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Real Reviews from Real Passengers at Rani Kamalapati Railway Station

Rani Kamalapati railway station is known for being the first privatized railway station and having A-class facilities and sustainable infrastructure. From having a sustainable water and waste management system, and solar panels, to airport-like air concourse facilities Rani Kamalapati has it all. 

Apart from this, RKMP has varied delicacies from around India and a play area for kids with recliner massage chairs for elders. RKMP is a dream come true that makes traveling a legit fun experience. 

RKMP is adhering to staying true to its name and for that, we believe there’s nothing more significant than consumer satisfaction. For this, our credible representative has interviewed the actual passengers at the station to hear about their experiences and thoughts. 

Honest Passenger Reviews at RKMP

Our interviewer Shivalika asked some intriguing questions to the passengers to learn about their thoughts regarding the railway station. Shivalika asked the very first question about what the passenger liked about the RKMP or if they’d like to change anything.

 In response to this, the passenger Shreya said “ I often visit the Rani Kamalapti railway station. I really like the facilities here such as the cleaned washroom”.

Real Reviews from Real Passengers at Rani Kamalapati Railway Station

Another passenger said the station is nice and gives an airport-like feel. Another interviewee on being asked what difference they found between RKMP  and other stations, to which he replied, RKMP has a really spacious ambiance to sit whereas the other passenger added the lighting and the decor/interior is top-notch.    

The next round of interviews came with major excitement as our interviewer Shivalika again visited RKMP to learn more about the views of the passengers. Shivalika asked a passenger, Dr. Sheetal, whether she visited the station before.

To which Dr. Sheetal replied, “Back then it was habibganj, and there was nothing here but now it has all the new facilities and looks like an airport.”

Another passenger said that there are multiple changes in RKMP from Habibganj. The concourse is spacious, has a double escalator, child’s play area is provided that proves for easy traveling. 

Another passenger from Kolkata, West Bengal said that this is a new concept and this is the first time they’ve seen something like this. The food court is amazing and gives the vibe of cultural exploration. 

Her co-passenger which was an elderly woman said that lifts and similar facilities make it easier for people her age to travel. 

Such positive and optimistic comments bring more light to the fact that the experimentation of the first privatized railway station has proved to be successful. This poses a motivation for people related to the station to work harder to provide satisfying experiences to travelers. 

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