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Rani kamalapati railway station blog

PM Modi to join the inauguration ceremony of the world-class Rani Kamalapati railway station on 15th November 2021. PM Modi will address the nation on the occasion of national Tribal Day.

The Rani Kamalapati railway station is redeveloped on the PPP model by the Bansal Group. Indian railway realized the benefits of the PPP model to accelerate the railway infrastructure development. This is the first time when the IRSCD has opened the route to investments for public and private sectors.

Bansal Group is one of the pioneering groups of Central India and operated in construction, infrastructure, education . The idea behind redeveloping the station was to make it a World-class station that is more than just a station. Bansal Group aimed at providing the facilities of food, lodging, and shopping all within the premises, without any need of you to step out. This is done in order to enhance the travel experience of the passengers and make their wait for their train worth it. With this idea, we can clearly say, that the nation is already on a road to progress and bringing in prosperity.

The ultra-modern amenities make the Rani Kamalapati railway station world-class.

Environment-friendly Construction

Rani Kamalapati station gots a 5 GEM rating which is given for the environment-friendly construction and has the highest grade in Indian railways. The use of Solar Energy to reduce the power consumption of electricity, Environmentally-friendly insulation material, recycled material, natural light, better ventilation, rainwater harvesting, and the insulated subway exhibited the eco-friendly construction used for the railway station.

Safety and Security of Passengers

Rani Kamalapati railway station is equipped with fire safety equipment, Fire extinguisher, and Suppression system. Fire sensing alarm to the subway, and air concourses to secure the premises. Fire fighters are available to tackle any kind of emergency. Rani Kamalapati railway station is the First Railway Station complying with NFPA National Fire
Rani Kamalapati railway station will handle about 30000 to 40000 footfall daily, to ensure the safety of that crowd High tech securities cameras are installed that will monitor 24/7 the station including parking from the Closed-circuit television.

World-class Parking Facilities

Central India’s first world-class railway station offers world-class parking facilities too. It will accommodate about 700-1000 vehicles that includes 2 wheele , 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler .Around 169 CCTV cameras are installed to monitor the parking areas and security guards will be available for the safety of the vehicles.

Direct Connect to the Bhopal Metro

Bhopal Metro is now under construction and will be completed soon. The Rani Kamalapati railway station entrance is in front of Bhopal metro that helps the passengers to escape from the heavy traffic and ensure seamless travel.

Airport like Air Concourse

A wide central air space concourse is equipped with amenities for waiting and seating ensuring minimal congestion & overcrowding issues. At the redesigned station, a studious concourse area will be existing with airport-like retail outlets and food cafeterias.

Rani Kamalapati railway station fulfills all modern amenities and is now renowned as a world-class railway station . Rani Kamalapati railway station’s inauguration ceremony is on the 15th November 2021 and PM Modi will inaugurate the station.