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Facilities for Old Age Passengers at Rani kamalapati Railway Station

People in old age are exactly like young children, they seek the same attention, and have the same tantrums but also give immense love. When a family keeps their elders in their hearts, it is the responsibility of every venture to provide them with the same in return.

Rani Kamalapati station provides top-notch facilities for old age people and caters to those in actual need of those facilities. 

The naye bharat ka naya station was redeveloped and given a transformation to the standard of an airport, with other facilities including waste management, a water management system, solar panels, and a magnificent air concourse leading to sustainability and extravagance.


A concierge is a person who acts as a caretaker and caters to the needs of people. They are the ones who call wheelchairs for the elderly and provide direction to the people. Concierges are the most helpful shoulders to lean on when you feel lost in the massiveness of the station. 

Lift, Ramps and Escalators-

To make it easier for older people to carry their luggage and to carry themselves to the concourse and other platforms, huge spacious lifts are established with slowed ramps and escalators to match the pace of the elderly. 


Wheelchairs are not only provided to the differently abled but also to the elderly who faces difficulties in walking or are facing some medical condition. 

AC Waiting rooms-

The air concourse of Rani Kamalapati railway station has air-conditioned waiting rooms and separate for women too. It is a pragmatic thought since people do require a place of comfort to stay while they await for their trains to arrive at the station. 

Massage chairs- 

The air concourse consists of a kid’s play area next to which are massage chairs kept for the people, especially for the elderly to relax and feel fresh after a tiring journey they had experienced. 

Battery Operated Cars- 

The battery-operated cars are in the station to provide the elderly with direct rides from a place to their desired destination. This is incredibly convenient for those who are facing medical conditions or find it difficult to walk. 

All these facilities are remarkably convenient and require minimal effort from their end. It aims to provide great accessibility and caters to provide a carefree and happening travel experience that brings to them exhilarating nostalgia when they look back. 

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