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Good Habits that Passengers should follow while travelling via Railways

Railways are an integral part of India’s travelling purposes, most people either take trains to
 travel long distances or they do back and forth travel from their hometown to workplace but
 whatever the reason be for travelling, Indian railways are always the answer. There are 7,083
 stations in India and the count of footfall is unimaginable. 

With this there needs to be certain steps taken by the passengers to keep the railways a healthy
 and happy place. Since, Indian railways are not only the responsibility of the government but
also of the citizens we should put minimum efforts possible in making sure that railways are a
safe and a healthy space for fellow passengers as well. 

Treat railway station as your second home

Indian railways is your second home and that can be said with conviction because every tax paying
 individual who travels through railways is directly paying to the government, who is then investing
 it in the railways for different purposes. Thus, this investment is the same as your investment in
 your home. So, it is significantly necessary to treat it like your own home and not spread any kind
 of litter at the railways. 

Be punctual 

It is crucial to be on time and not miss the train for your own good but it is equally important to
 be on time for the good of others too. Meaning that being on time before the train arrives at
railways will stop you from causing any ruckus at the railway station. It is one of the habits of
 Indian parents that saves them the time of any inconvenience and ruckus at the station that
the youngsters need to learn from. 

Respect the privacy of other passengers

It is a simple adequate that all passengers should adhere to and follow for their own benefit
 and those of others. It is absolutely imperative to respect the privacy of other passengers.
If the passengers disrupt the privacy of other passengers it will cause uncalled and unnecessary
conflict between the two parties. 

Always report nuisance to RPF

Since we are the tax paying individuals and citizens with rights and responsibilities as stated
 in the above pointers, it is also our responsibility to report any uncalled nuisance to the Railway
 Protection Force (RPF) at our second home. People often refrain from reporting such nuances
 as they believe it is nothing but a gimmick to waste their time, but one should also remember
 that if they’ll not report the nuisance at their home then who will? 

These are certain good habits that the passengers should keep in mind while travelling at the
 railways and that can save them time, nuisances and spread of litter at the railways. Keeping
 the railways clean and adhering to Swach Bharat Abhiyaan is the responsibility of every citizen.
 Wanting the railways to be of certain standards that match that of the airport and willing to
cooperate to make that happen are two very different things, but with modernization and
cooperation by the citizens, it doesn’t seem like an impossible task.