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Rani Kamalapati railway station is the world-class first privatized railway station in India. With various amenities and sustainable infrastructure, Rani Kamalpati has an experience of a lifetime to offer. 

It aims to make traveling easy, accessible, and affordable for all. Its prime location is best for travelers coming in providing multiple food outlets and staying options. RKMP itself has a well-functioning air concourse that caters to people who have to wait at the station. 

RKMP is not just the best spot for travelers, but for booming businesses as well. Business are thriving at the station with food and beverages outlets the most. The reasons that makes RKMP the best place for you to establish your business are stated below. 

High footfall traffic- 

The number of people that visit RKMP on a daily basis is massively high and the daily footfall is of 13000 meaning a already existing consumer reach for your business. The number of footfall matters greatly as it denotes the amount of potential customers for the business. 

Mega Events-

With the amazing ambience and enormous space, many events of both large and small scale are organised. Some of the events that have been organised at the station are education fair 2022, Jharokha- handicraft fair, and property expo. The footfall due to the events increases which means more visitors for your business. 

Renowned Place-

Rani Kamalapati being the first privatised railway station is a renowned and a well known railway station meaning it is known in the public eye which makes it a more engaging place for people to visit. The railway station is active 24/7 and caters to people throughout the day, making it an active spot for your business. 

Accessible facilities- 

Rani Kamalapati Station has A-class facilities from kids play area to multiple food outlets, air concourse, special stayin places and elevators. The station is filled with accessible amenities that caters to the more appealing customers for your business. 

Already existing brands-

Rani Kamalapati has already established brands present in the air concourse. This prompts already built market for the new brands that are coming in, more like a good consumer market. 

Rani Kamlapati railway station has all necessary amenities and makes up for the best space for your business with great footfall area. The most interactive and premium place of bhopal that is visited throughout day and night is the next stop for your booming business.         

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