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Best Outlets at World Class Rani Kamalapati Railway Station

Food that comes from the heart tastes far better, and one with a family ambiance tastes much sweeter. The quality of food may sometimes determine its price but most often it determines the love that is put into it. Love that is pure, graceful, and undeniably delicious. 

Rani Kamalapati keeps the quality of food in mind and the love that goes with it. Therefore it has food available from a diverse range of backgrounds, to cater to all tastebuds and varied choices of people. 

Below are listed a few of the best food outlets available at Rani Kamalapati railway station.


Sankalp serves premium quality food and represents the taste of South India. It has a beautiful dine-in place in the air-concourse and serves famous dosa, idli, and vada sambar with other 

delicacies in the outlet. 

Zaika Restaurant 

Zaika is one of the most famous outlets, it is situated on the 1st floor and comprises spacious dine-in places to enjoy your food thoroughly. The food served is freshly cooked and has both non-veg and vegetarian options. 


Kesar is a beautifully made dine-in food outlet that serves snacks and various food items including beverages to the public at affordable prices. Kesar serves hot and fresh delicious Indian snacks that immediately remind you of your home. 

Yaar Bhopali 

Yaar Bhopali is greatly known for serving delicious hot tea and coffee that reminds you of nostalgic memories of your travel experiences. Apart from this, the outlet serves baked biscuits and cold drinks. 


Amul is a cooperative society based in Gujarat. Formed in 1946, this cooperative society had seen steady growth and explored horizons in multiple cities and states. One such outlet is situated at Rani Kamalapati station which serves all snacks, milk, and beverages including biscuits and more. 

Rani Kamalapati recently received Eat Right Certification for serving the cleanest, most healthy, and hygienic food and such remarkable food outlets are the reason for securing such heights in safety and health. Rani Kamalapati strives to serve its consumers the best possible traveling experience. 

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